Phone:  +254715761697


Phone:  +254715761697


RADI former AHAI is a non profit community based organisation that is based in kakumarefugees camp in kenya nairobi rift-valey turkana west county lodwar kakuma. We strive to promote,develop,empower,educate and protect the welfare of the most disadvantaged in our society, orphans, widows, youth, children, disabled people and other most vulnerable induviduals as refugees crisis mostly those who have been forced to flew from there home countried and asylum seekers in other countried because of insecurities,war,natural disasters,persecution,violence and the disadvantaged host communities. This community based organisation was found by refugees to help the felow refugees who were in real needs and to bring real changes in their future lives.


We firmly support the disabled, including orphans and widows, as well as farming (such as Permaculture and Syntrophic Agroforestry), life skills, mental health, tailoring, digital literacy, and career advancement for refugees and host communities to enhance sustainable livelihoods.


Empowering Refugees with Kitchen Gardens: A Step Towards Food Security.

Every year, millions of people are forced to seek refuge due to conflicts, natural disasters, and persecution. The UN Refugee Agency reports that an estimated 100 million individuals globally are...

Empowering Communities RADI – Refugee Alliance for Development and Innovation

Welcome to the digital home of RADI – Refugee Alliance for Development and Innovation, where empowerment meets action in the heart of Kakuma. As a community-based organization, RADI stands as a...

Transforming Lives Through Hygiene Promotion in Kakuma Refugee Camp!

In overcrowded refugee camps like Kakuma, waste can quickly become a big problem. When too many people live in one place, there’s often not enough space or resources to properly manage waste...

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Join us in empowering the disabled, advancing sustainable farming, and fostering skills that build brighter futures for refugees and host communities. Together, we can create sustainable livelihoods.


kakuma refugee camp

Phone: +254715761697

Email: radi4deeply@gmail.com

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  • Education And Vocational Training
  • Permaculture Education and Agroforestry
  • Livestock Farm and Livehood
  • Enviromental, Conservation and Construction
  • Helthcare and Welfare
  • Peace Building, Child right and SGBV

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